Ann Joel

Ann has been practising as an international Healing Medium, during this time she has gained a great knowledge and understanding about the human body, mind and soul, and how it can bring about illness or wellness, deep emotional issues, chronic diseases and also why some people do not heal.

She has been carrying out this profound form of Distant Healing work for the past 30 years. It is a special gift initially being taught to her by a wonderful Aboriginal tribal healer and elder early in her career in the 80’s. Ann has developed this profound technique even further and works from her healing rooms, whether in Australia or overseas to anywhere in the world.

She realises that this Distant Healing work is better done in the Dreamtime of the person… so when they wake up in the morning they have integrated much of the energy, so it is a remarkable result. Healing is not a one-off event, but an on-going process of boosting the immune system and keeping our energy high and physical body fit and healthy for most of our lives. Just imagine the high frequencies like radio waves that deeply penetrate the dynamic human energy field of the person it is meant for… there is no doubt that they feel it.

All the time it is giving them the sensation of inner peace, while calming and healing their etheric body and then moving deeper and deeper to fully integrate into the physical. What a privilege it is for Ann, to be able to do this fine and much needed healing work, particularly, for those who cannot leave their home or for those in hospital, hospice or based interstate or overseas. How to apply for a dreamtime healing for a loved one or yourself just email Ann direct – revannjoel@gmail.com with a couple of dates and times that would suit and then a time is decided between you and Ann.

All you need to do is to lie on a bed or be seated in a chair by yourself while the actual healing is taking place, approx; 45 minutes, can be longer and best to lie there for an hour or so to let he energies integrate and just drop off to sleep is the best thing. Then once awake, drink plenty of water. Prior to the Healing, Ann will go over your preparations with you and then, it is just a matter of sending $120.00 via Paypal.com, go to Paypal.com.au and follow prompts to put in Ann’s email address as above.

Then you receive a confirmation from Ann and Paypal.com.au and she can then go ahead at the allotted time and date…she will send you a small note regarding your preparation. Keep these details, you never know when you may wish to try a Distant Dreamtime Healing with Ann. Ann Joel, East Perth, Western Australia. Ann Joel, International Healing Medium,