Daughter of the Casa and Official Guide to John of God's Casa, Abadiania, Brazil. Rev. Ann Joel has been in service for healing at the Casa for almost 20 years. She guides small groups of people from all over the world, who wish to visit John of God's healing sanctuary. Participants come for their own health, accelerated spiritual growth, or if they have a major illness.

All healing and change starts the moment you commit to make the journey to Brazil, and your life changes for the better with the healing of Casa Dom Inacio’s entities healing work.

Join Rev. Ann Joel on a healing journey filled with hope, insight, inspiration and sacred space for the miraculous to manifest in your life. Bathe in the highest vibration of love and healing light at John of God’s healing sanctuary. Casa de Dom Inacio, Abadiania in central Brazil.

First time visitors to Abadiania have been asked to hire a Guide as it takes a couple of visits to understand the complex protocol regarding how things function at the Casa.

Hiring a Guide also helps you to focus all of your energy and attention on your own healing and spiritual growth, and eliminates the need to worry about procedures, rules and what you should be doing.

Each of Ann's groups spends two/three full weeks in Abadiania Brazil. The group stays at a high quality pousada [guesthouse] with 3 meals per day. And each participant has their own serviced room, simply furnished and complete with en-suite.

Participants from Australia join the group in Sydney, and participants from other countries are welcome to join the group en-route or in Brazil.