About Ann Joel

Ann Joel, an ordained interfaith minister, international healing medium, spiritual counsellor and teacher. She has worked in the health and wellness field for over thirty years, taking her healing hands and heart to many countries throughout the world, including China, United States, Canada and the UK. Ann Joel recently moved to and now bases her practice in Perth, Western Australia but continues to hold clinics in Adelaide, the Barossa and Melbourne. She has a deep passion for this profound divine work and has grown enormously by guiding and caring for hundreds of people that she has taken to the Casa de Dom Inacio, where the world famous Medium ‘John of God' works with his spirit doctors to prolong lives and to assist in the healing of human diseases. Ann Joel has been travelling to Abadiania Brazil for two decades and takes groups for healing to the Casa three times a year. She guides people from Australia, New Zealand, USA , Canada and the UK to this, the most profound place of love on earth.


What to remeber when booking

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